Andara’, means ‘Light of Beauty and Perfection’

Andara are interdimensional brightly colored crystals that have their own glow from within. These amazing stones would illuminate the dimly lit temple healing spaces inthe ancient days of the Atlanteans. Andara crystals are the most powerful crystals on planet earth (more than 1 mln bovisscale). They rejuvenate our bodies and balanced our chakras. Andaras are Lemurian in lineage, and were gifted to the Atlanteans to help them retain their connection to Divine Source. As we ride the spiral of time know as The Golden Age of Atlantis, the Andaras are assisting us in the remembrance of our heritage and connection to these ancient lands With light extending in all directions, this piece is for the healer who walks with ease and grace. An integral activator of higher consciousness. Its energy is pure and anointing for energy work. The ‘Higher Heart’ or ‘Soul Seat’ chakra is a very powerful energy channel that links us to the earth and to the heavens. It is our connection to world soul. It enables clear channels of communication with Angels, Masters, Guides, our Higher Self and Higher Energies from the realms of light. It allows us to access the sacred records. as a converter and filter for the higher vibrational energies, which are electrostatic in nature. It converts and filters them into electromagnetic energy, which is what we are composed of and what we can assimilate. The emergence of this chakra is directly related to the changes in vibration and frequency that have occurred as a result of the fourth and fifth dimensions moving into the third. The Thymus Chakra enables us to properly integrate and embody these vibrations to make them usable. `Gate’ to Christ Consciousness and 5D awareness. The opening of the 5D `Gate’ is brought about through unconditional Love and compassion for others; usually expressed through some form of healing modality. What distinguishes true Andaras from obsidian imitations is that there is always Etherium (prima Matra) present in genuine Andara Crystals. Etherium is a very rare combination of over 70 minerals that has a profound effect on our body and our subtle energy fields. The only available source of Etherium in the world is found on Lady Nellie’s land where the Andaras are present. True Andaras work with your DNA, greatly accelerating your perceptions by calibrating you mostly while you sleep, (Giving you lots of dreams).They work in your Heart and they work wonderfully with your intentions. The sunken record keeper is a ‘true’ record keeper and they are much rarer than the raised record keeper crystals. while the the raised record keeper crystal activates cellular memory so information can be retrieved from one’s own internal data banks, the sunken record keepers contains a data bank of information in the stone itself. Rainbows will appear as internal fractures (foils) Rainbows are the closest manifestations of Pure White Light that can be witnessed on this plane. Rainbows unite and integrates heaven and earth. On special Occasions rainbows choose to live within the the world of a crystal, displaying their magic to us. Truly a gift from the Universe if you are Blessed to receive one of these. When used in Meditation Rainbow crystals open the doorway way to the realm of pure color.

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Andara's zijn monoatomaire kristallen waarover de pleiadians spreken (2.16 minuten) Ze hebben een hele hoge levensenergie van meer dan 1 miljoen waardoor je trilling omhoog gaat en dus ook je immuunsy